Boosting the spirits of brave little cancer fighters

 In 2014, an oncology nurse named Holly Cristensen learned that her friend's daughter had been diagnosed with cancer.  Knowing that this little girl would be in the hospital for awhile and also seeing how difficult it would be for her to lose her hair as a result of the cancer treatments, Holly wanted to do something to help keep her spirits up.  She made her a Rapunzel wig. Not only was her young friend overjoyed to receive Holly's gift, but Holly began to get more requests for wigs.

What started out as a small project blossomed and taken on a life of its own.  People all over the country

volunteer their time and resources to help keep up with the demands for these precious yarn wigs. You can read about The Magic Yarn Project, see the girls in their wigs, and learn more about how this organization got started and how you can get involved at their website.


The goal of our event is twofold: we want to offer a magical evening for girls and their mothers to spend some quality time together, while helping a worthwhile cause.  All proceeds from our Princess Ball will go to benefit The Magic Yarn Project. 

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